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Zhengzhou Lanqi Aviation Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, is a set of UAV research and development, production and sales, training and service for the integrated companies. In the years of UAV product development and promotion process, with a strong talent advantage, advanced equipment, rich experience, set up a good corporate image.

Our company mainly produces high technology content of the composite material of the UAV body and the supply of UAV intelligent control system. Company under the market business department, new R & D department, technology department, mold development department, production department, quality inspection department, logistics department, the models of the production workshop and the late assembly and delivery workshop, etc..

Ergonomic design experience without the designer of my company has many years, can in a short period of time according to the needs of the customers and the market, the use of a variety of high-end 3D design software, digital fast and efficient design to meet the needs of the customers products.

Our company can produce series of fixed wing UAV and rotary wing UAV series of dozens of models, which can be widely used in aerial surveying, power line inspection, environmental monitoring, fire disaster relief and other fields. With the opening of the low altitude area, the UAV will play an important role in these areas in the future.



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